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am i still here?

my work life remains in disarray. supplemental to whatever comes, i will very likely reopen my photographic business in some form, more than likely as a side venture, seeing that the marketplace is still quite over-saturated around here. i have been studying and practicing several new techniques, embracing new software and workflows, and generally expanding myself, all while continuing to find a new work-home. i spent too long being too picky about where i wanted to land, and now i’ve been out of the landing zone for far too long. bravo, me.

i have been rebuilding my portfolio so that these dark days pass not quite so darkly, while adding the occasional new thing as well. i may not be the best about posting to this place, but i am not entirely idle, either. the creative coils still turn. 

Luminary Crimson (Metal Core) © 2018 Jered Dawnne
Luminary Crimson (Metal Core) © 2018 Jered Dawnne
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