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wander away

Sleeping Dragon, right panel © 2014 Jered Dawnne

Sleeping Dragon, right panel © 2014 Jered Dawnne

i could have stayed there for weeks, in the shadows of those sleeping dragons. hell, i could spend years wandering the northern rockies. all time is too brief in those newer lands: lands that are older than we, but younger than most. i wanted to wander away among them, but the responsibilities of life tie me down to other places: places that do not inhabit me or surround me in my dreams.

(this is the right-hand panel of “Sleeping Dragon”. the left-hand panel covers from Cascade Mountain across Banff. the pair are sub-portion of a full 180-degree pano which stretches from the Cascade Valley 180 degrees past the southern ridge of Mount Rundle and the Three Sisters. shot from Sulphur Mountain in the Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. shown here are Mount Rundle with the Fairholme Range in the background)

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