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sentinels of the lost

sentinels of the lost © 2016 Jered Dawnne

sentinels of the lost © 2016 Jered Dawnne

and then like rain these fetters fall and crash upon the floor

windows on a world and pictures moving sway and tumble
come to me and sweet-surrounded water-torn love me
sing to me your songs of love and unity and peace and joy
and i shall sing to you and cling forever like the dawn’s sun rising warm

when winter comes and covers me in cold and blanket screaming
warm me with your heart and soul and spirit and your strength
and like these cracking windows melt and break the chains that bind me


of bluer skies and rain © 1988 Jered Dawnne, published 1993 in “The Sabre”

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pensive stasis

pensive stasis (ordinal) © 2016 Jered Dawnne

pensive stasis (ordinal) © 2016 Jered Dawnne

i was on my way somewhere, the day i took this, and this was the last photo i took before i went there.

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defocusing the negative spaces

emergent benefice © 2006, 2016 Jered Dawnne

emergent benefice © 2006, 2016 Jered Dawnne

sometimes, it’s the repetition that pays off: the coming back to it, coming back to it, coming back to it again, until something finally begins to take shape and form. i have been lost in negative spaces these past several weeks, ranging somewhere between the singular joy that is bound to security and that certain pensiveness that is walking into the unknown alone.

i was lost in negative spaces when i took this photo in a small grove of trees near a graveyard outside of Madison, Wisconsin nearly ten years ago, too. in working on it today, i used the negative spaces in the photograph as a catalyst to stepping outside of the negative spaces within my head right now. the mantra it’s been too long, it’s been too long, it’s been too long bent a knee to better ideals today, and so i spun the negative spaces along the golden ratio.

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greenFall © 2007 Jered Dawnne

greenFall © 2007 Jered Dawnne

I miss this lens: an old-school photojournalistic lens (Nikkor 24-120mm EF ID) which was simply wonderful for just about everything. And of course, dipping into old pics from around San Antonio is always a mixed emotional bag. I have a resonance with this image, as simple as it actually is, a resonance weighted heavily with “the all that never was.” Someday, I’ll have to resurrect those writings, too, so I can bore you even further. 😉

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a brief walk down conflicted memory lane

"around the bend" © 2007 Jered Dawnne

"around the bend" © 2007 Jered Dawnne: San Antonio River Walk, early evening, late winter

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time down along the River Walk. I volunteered at the main library branch, and my adoptive father worked at City Hall, so the River Walk was always the more pleasurable route between the two, except maybe in the dark. In those days, some portions of the River Walk were great places for experiencing the less ethical side of life, after dark.

Returning to San Antonio in 2007 was an odd mix of emotions for me. I hadn’t been there since 1989, and that visit was only for a few hours. The last time I had “really” been in San Antonio was for a couple of weeks between duty stations back in 1986. Oh, I grew up there.

I used a LensBaby on a Nikon D2X for most of the shots I took down there: A decision I question to this day, because it fundamentally limits what I can do in post…to the extent that it’s taken me the larger part of nine years to care to dig into them. Subconsciously, I think I did it that way because the San Antonio I knew growing up had changed so much, I was trying to capture it all the way I saw it in my dreams, not as it really was. And maybe that worked a little bit. San Antonio pretty much quit haunting me shortly after this trip, anyway, so perhaps some form of closure on a fairly anxiety-filled childhood was had.

The photo has not been manipulated except for a small amount of color balancing and tonal control.

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Downtown Sioux Falls, October 7, 2015

Downtown Sioux Falls, 9:13am October 7, 2015 © 2015 Jered Dawnne

I had to take my camera equipment to work the other day in support of our “Customer Service Week”, so when a meeting dropped off my calendar, I noticed that the clear skies to the east (behind me, from the vantage presented) shining on the light low clouds made a nice backdrop to the cityscape. I’m not normally one for cityscapes, actually, but this is where I am, and a piece of what I see every day, so I thought I’d share it with you. The high-resolution image is available for non-exclusive, paid release.

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The Temple of the Slow Demise

The Temple of the Slow Demise © 2015 Jered Dawnne

The Temple of the Slow Demise © 2015 Jered Dawnne

Where I live, metaphorically. It’s not a place I enjoy, but it aptly describes the past…far too many years.

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of that which will become

which was (original) © 2007 Jered Dawnne

which was (original) © 2007 Jered Dawnne

i vow to roam this spring and summer. i abhor this stasis, this unmoving pensiveness. i will rediscover the little things, and redevelop my joy in the beyond. i will recall where i have been and what i have done, but i will reach beyond the little deaths that are the mundane, the well-known, and the half remembered. and i will meet the skies in celebration.

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grey matters

some of these, you’ve seen, some perhaps not. i’m using the alberta trip as a test bed for gallery plugins and the like, so you may see some repeats from time to time. i really enjoyed the amount of variety in monochrome treatments that the mountains in particular provided. it was a humbling experience, both being there, and in the post production, to create these monochromatic versions of these scenes. i learned quite a lot this summer.

unrelatedly, i’m also in the midst of getting my old podcast going again. keep watching for details!

The Rundle Line, pointedSleeping Dragon, left panelstained and drainedat the feet of giants, greysisters entwined, fadedSleeping Dragon, right panelhorned mountain, darkenedCascade Ventureprominence twain, darklightsaddleback sky, deeperlightfall prominence, darklightHelena Castle, onelitVictorian PrecipiceCastle Mountain, darkriverCastle Mountain, version 2Lake Louise PanoramaAcross to Redoubt, darklightDistant Watcher, darklight
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