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What? You thought I’d be doing something by now?

Actually, I am, and I have been. It’s all behind-the-scenes-y and stuff, but no, I have not already abandoned the new thing that I’ve started. I’ve been studying some new techniques, been on vacation, and that kind of thing. New stuff from my “Calgary Adventure” will be coming soon (I’m mostly playing with some slightly parallaxed panos right now), as well as putting together some old shoots; I’ve kept everything from over the years, but done a poor job of keeping it all catalogued, so every time I find an image or images from my archives that I want to use, I get bogged down with cataloguing. In the meantime, here’s an old favourite of mine for you to look at!

Burnt Sunset

Burnt Sunset – © 2008 or so. I forget, and this version was pulled off my work computer and it doesn’t have all the metadata. Will replace it shortly.