shrouded (prime) © 2014 Jered Dawnne

shrouded (prime) © 2014 Jered Dawnne

so rushing past deep valleys grew and danced along the road

visions of a world run silent moving greyed and tumbled
sang to me and cloud-surrounded winter-worn stole me
pulled from me those shadows pale like charity and faith and hope
until i dreamt of them and us unwrapped from evening’s settling shroud

when winter comes and covers us in cold and silent whiting
warm me with the constancy of cloudscaped silent home
and like those shrouded mountain-dreams unmake these chains that bind me

it’s a word-play. the mountains entwined by these clouds are Mount Faith, Mount Hope, and Mount Charity (The Three Sisters), Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

some will recognize these words as patterned from the poem “of bluer skies and rain” © 1988 R.J. Dawnne Gee, published in “the sabre”.

text and image © 2014 Jered Dawnne

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